Donald, please go home.

Donald Trump’s appeal to a conservative base that feels like they have been abandoned is understandable. The wave of enthusiasm should not have lasted this long, however.

Two reasons:

First, assuming Trump were making coherent points, he doesn’t actually believe the things he’s saying. Probably the number one issue that has made him attractive to the conservative base has been immigration. One might wonder when the Donald developed his tough on immigration bona fides. It had to have been in the last two years, because prior to that he criticized then candidate Romney for being way too mean-spirited for proposing the ‘maniacal’ deportation of people who just want to be ‘wonderful productive citizens of this country’. Trump was a registered democrat until 2009, and helped fund the democratic takeover of congress in 2006. He loved Obamacare until he decided to run as a republican, and even still, he has this to say about healthcare: ‘”You can’t let the people in this country that are the poor people, the people without the money and resources go without healthcare,” Trump told the MSNBC program. “I just can’t even imagine. You’re sick and you can’t even go to a doctor. I say one thing, can you not let 25 percent of the people of the country because they have no money go without something?”

Second, Trump is not making coherent points. He is holding town hall style meetings on the campaign trail where he performs some mixture of an Andrew Dice Clay/Sopranos/stand up comedy routine, one by one bashing his opponents. “Lindsey Graham, he’s an idiot, HEY!” “Oh, Hey, John Mccain, I like heros, not guys who get shot down, ya know whatta mean, HEY?” Unconventional is one thing. Not being a career politician is admirable. The Donald is acting like a buffoon, and the media are loving it. They want him to carry on as long as possible until this whole “Death to America” thing blows over, and until some of the legitimate candidates screw up in their attempts to distance themselves from the Donald.

The republican field is already a clown car. This clown is stealing the spotlight and distracting much needed attention away from the disastrous foreign relations move set in motion this week by the sitting administration. Even the writer of this blog intended to comment on the Iran deal (and still will), but felt the need to address the Donald first.

To conservatives: This will never happen. The joke must end. Nothing good is coming from it. Tell the Donald to take his hair and go home.


2 thoughts on “Donald, please go home.”

  1. It is an expression of our desperation, a dark and dreary pall, that we look to Donald Trump to shake it up. We are a one-party nation, many of us believe, and it is a party that is self-serving, venal, ruthless and anti-American. American leaders since 1963 have not been motivated by patriotism, excepting only the terms of Ronald Wilson Reagan. While I can’t dispute your facts, I have a hope that he can be a messenger. The message: We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”


  2. By the way…forgot this: RWR was also a Democrat once-upon-a-time, and it isn’t necessarily a BAD thing to change one’s mind as the world turns. Just sayin’. So, no, Donald. Please don’t go home yet. The message remains undelivered, mostly because your opponents (Ted Cruz excepted) are hiding in the basement with their hands over their ears screaming “NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH…”.


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